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When a loved one passes away the responsibility of dealing with their estate often falls upon a member of the family or a close acquaintance who acts as their Personal Representative.

A Personal Representative is most commonly known as an Executor who is appointed by the deceased’s Will or, if there is no Will, acts as the deceased’s Administrator where the estate is distributed by the Rules of Intestacy instead, although both appointments are most commonly and simply known as ‘Executors’.

This can be an extremely difficult task for any person to conduct, especially at a time of grief, and requires an application to the Probate Registry, completion of the appropriate tax account to HMRC and paying any Inheritance Tax that may be due.

To be able to act on behalf of the deceased’s estate, access the deceased’s bank accounts, sell property and distribute assets to beneficiaries the Executor must have the legal authority to do so – this is known as obtaining a Grant of Probate (where there is a Will) or a Grant of Administration of Letters (if there is no Will), although both of these are most commonly and simply known as obtaining ‘Probate’.

Probate requires the Executor to fulfil many important legal and financial duties, which can be very onerous, and this is why it helps to have professional advice and support, which is what we can provide. We are able to act for non-contentious probate cases, i.e. where no disputes arise.

How we can help

Probate is the process of obtaining the legal right to distribute property, money and possessions of a deceased person’s estate to those entitled to it by the terms of their will or rules of intestacy (where there is no will). Probate can be complicated and take a great deal of time.

When a loved one dies the last thing you may want to have to deal with is sorting through their financial affairs and it can be incredibly stressful dealing with HMRC and the Court. This is where The Surrey Probate Practice is here to help you through this process.

Our service is tailored to best fit your requirements. We can provide you with as much or as little help as you need, whether it be taking care of all the estate administration for you from start to finish, completing all the necessary paperwork and liaising with the various institutions that need to be contacted, or assisting you with obtaining the Grant of Probate leaving you to administer the estate yourself once this has been obtained.

We can provide you with a quote once we know more about the deceased’s estate and what work is involved. To give you an idea of our fees and the services on offer, the following should be reviewed as a guide, although the fee will be based on the circumstances of each matter.

Our experienced team can help you with obtaining Probate in the following ways:


Grant Assist

We can be your helping hand to simply assist you with obtaining Probate in your name if you would prefer to administer the estate yourself once you receive the Grant.

Full Administration

We will administer a deceased person’s estate to make the hardest of times easier, which includes assisting with all HMRC enquiries.

Non-contentious estate administration and tax compliance

As an Executor, you will be required to draw up an accurate schedule of the assets and liabilities concerning the deceased’s estate, including the preparation of the appropriate Inheritance Tax return to HM Revenue & Customs.

This can be complex and so we can assist you with calculating the Inheritance Tax due and help with making necessary payments to HMRC.

Working closely with you, we can help with the collection of estate monies and assets, including distribution to beneficiaries and prepare the final estate accounts.

Our experienced team can also send notifications of death to the relevant financial institutions to obtain the necessary information and to advise where to transfer any funds once probate has been granted.

We are here to provide you with as much help as you need.

Other ways we can help



Making a Will is a task which many people find daunting. Many people put off making a Will for a variety of reasons; either because they do not think it is relevant to them at their stage of life, because they do not feel that it is necessary, or because it may force them to confront difficult issues. However, it is one of the most important exercises we will ever undertake.

Lasting Power of Attorney

People can become unable to look after their own affairs as a result of an injury or illness, which can occur at any age. If that happened to you, then unless you had taken steps in advance to properly authorise someone to deal with your affairs and assets for you, matters will be taken out of your hands and out of the hands of your family, and everything would be looked after and be overseen by the Court of Protection.

Inheritance Tax planning

With the helping hand of our knowledgeable tax experts, we can help personal representatives and beneficiaries understand their options for tax planning and alternative structures that may benefit them and their immediate family.

Why use our services?

We know that dealing with the estate of a family member or close acquaintance can be emotional and stressful.

We ensure that all the tasks necessary to complete the probate process are handled sympathetically and straightforwardly.

Our knowledge of trusts, tax and estate planning means we can provide a holistic service, which ensures that the wishes of the deceased are met while minimising any liabilities for beneficiaries.

To find out more about our probate services, our experienced team and their expertise, why not download our helpful probate guide.

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